Billy Elliot

In September 2015 during English classes we talked about a book ‘Billy Elliot’ by Melvin Burgess based on a motion picture screenplay written by Lee Hall. It’s a novel about a boy – Billy who is very different from all the other boys in his neighbourhood. He prefers dancing to boxing and he wants to become a ballet dancer. The book also tells a story of a difficult time and a defining moment in the economic and social history of the United Kingdom. After analyzing the book, we also watched the film full of music and original language.  

Childhood memories

In September 2015 we were talking about our childhood. Everyone has got special memories. We presented facts about what we used to like or do when we were little. There were short, funny stories about our adventures. We had photos with ourselves as small children. That was very interesting and hilarious.

Jagoda Fordońska

AIESEC students at our school

On Monday, 28th September  2015, we met new quests from foreign countries. Alex  from Romania, Martin from Mexico and Chaima from Morocco visited our school. They showed us their culture and interesting facts about their homelands. Everybody had a good time. They left our town on 2nd October 2015.

Zuza, Julia and Karolina


WRITE ON competition

On 19th November 2015 all students from 3e took part in WRITE ON competition organised by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Everyone was stressed because we wanted to give our best. On the English lesson we had to write a short story. Round 1 writing task was:

 Sasha wished she/he had remembered to bring her/ his phone.

The story must include:

- a surprise

- an offer

Write your story in 140 - 190 words.

Everyone wrote beautiful and interesting stories. Then our teachers chose  the best 4 works. The most beautiful ones were written by: Ola Łabich, Zuza Hejnowska, Martyna Zegarska and Jagoda Fordońska.

Martyna Zegarska

School Alone


In December our class started recording a film "School Alone" which was made especially for Christmas. We started preparing ourselves in October. Everyone in IIIe had their role and we worked very hard and honestly. In spite of some little problems we finished recording. The opening night took place at our school on 22th December 2015. We were very proud of ourselves and our teachers too. Thanks to this project we've got experience and teamwork skills.

Weronika & Patryk

A guest from China


On 4th February 2016 we hosted a guest from China. His name was Roger and he came to our school as a member of AIESEC. He told us facts about his country and gave us some china national snacks.

Jerzy Polakiewicz


A trip to Warsaw

On 2nd April we went together to Warsaw. We met in the school car park at 6 in the morning. Our first point on the trip was President Palace and Krakowskie Przedmieście. Next we went sightseeing to the Royal Castle. Then we saw Old Town in Warsaw. Meanwhile we met singer Jeremi Sikorski and took photos with him. After that we visited National Stadium. Next point was Copernicus Science Centre. Then we went to the Palace of Culture and Science and we took lots of pictures. Finally, it was time to come back home. But, of course on the way back we went to McDonald’s.

Agata, Jagoda, Oliwia & Kacper

Gimbal 2016

May 19th 2016 was a very important day for all the third-graders. It was our prom (GIMBAL) day. We started the party with a graceful polonaise and there were also some short speeches made by invited VIPs. Then the fun began. Songs and dancing interspersed with challenging competitions. Everyone danced. We played so well that our prom was extended by half an hour. The next day our feet and legs hurt, but it was worth it!

Julia Sadowska

A guest from India

Monday, 30th May 2016, was a fantastic day, because Dhiren Mehta from India came to our school. He was talking to us about his country. Everyone spent great time with him. Later Dhiren went to Somonino with our students. It was a three-day trip to another John Paul II school in Kaszuby. It was an incredible time.

Zuza, Julia and Karolina

Canada competition

On 6th June 2016 students from 3e took part in a school competition about Canada. The contest was divided into three parts. First we had to prepare a poster about Canada. Then it was time to write a test focusing on different aspects of Canadian culture, history and geography. Finally, everybody wrote an email encouraging a friend to visit the country. The tasks turned out to be very easy for Kacper (3e) and Tomek (2e) who won the competition. Ola came third. Congratulations!!!