On 8th March 2016 our English teachers organized a competition "Spelling Master". To participate students had to memorize 100 English words (spelling and Polish translation). In the competition took part 12 people. After the fierce fight the Spelling Master - Mikołaj Cierniakowski - was selected.

On 18 March, our school held a contest testing students' knowledge and skills in first aid. The best was Class Ib, the second place went to Class Ie and the third place went to Class Ia. All participants demonstrated great knowledge.

On Friday 26th February for the second time in the Lech Walesa Secondary School there was organized the Day of Technology. The third grade students visited the neighbouring school to become familiar with the various professions and a wide range of directions for further education.

Dorota Kalinowska

On 21st-23rd March at our school we held a retreat. We sang religious songs and spent a nice time together. On 17th March in Ireland there is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated - the patron saint of the country. Classes IE and IIE organized a ceremony on this occasion. On this day, all students were encouraged to wear the national colours of Ireland. From each class were selected two representatives to participate in events related to the culture and tradition of Ireland. The girls from class IIE presented their own interpretation of Irish dancing.

On the occasion of the Month of School Librarians we conducted the campaign “Give a book to a school library”. Each class drew one title of the book. Then the students had to collect money and buy the book for the school library.

Patrycja Klecka