On the 1st  November we celebrated All Saints Day. We went to cemeteries. We remember about our dead relatives.

On the 3rd November in our school we took part in the integration party for the first class students. Our class had to present rock and roll music. The students from class 1B  won, we had the second place. It was great fun.

On 10th November we sang patriotic songs, because it was The Independence Day. It was very patriotic and melancholic.

On 12th we danced on the Halloween party. Some students were wearing Halloween costumes. The disco was very funny and exciting.

On 16th in our school there was the Tolerance Day. Everyone was wearing black and white clothes. We had some talking about toleration in our class.

On 25th all first classes went to Toruń. We visited Planetarium. There was a film about life on other planets. Then we ate in McDonald’s. After that, we went to real-live Gingerbread Museum. We could make our own gingerbread and take it home.

On 30th  it  was The Teddy Bear Day. We could bring our bears. Our teachers weren’t allowed to ask  us questions and test us on previous lessons. There was held the competition of The Biggest and The Smallest Bear.

Aleksandra Sząszor i Weronika Szczepańska