On 3rd December we celebrated the International Day of Disabled People. On this occasion we hosted in our school the pupils from the Therapy Workshops in Kowalewo Pomorskie, along with their teachers and Ms. Ewa Żuławska the manager. The meeting was also attended by our students with disabilities who are taught individually in the gymnasium. The students from integrated grades Ia and IIa prepared with their educators unique classes. Ms. Magdalena Urbańska’s class Ia conducted a reading class, which put participants in a warm, festive atmosphere. After reading Christmas was a time for Christmas coloring. Ms. Roksana Kaźmierkiewicz with her class IIa offered a dance class to the guests. She moved them with Ms. Monika Konieczna. The participants learned how complicated and energy-consuming dancing is.

On 4th December 2015 we held a football tournament. Seven teams from different places participated in it. They were split into two groups. Best two teams from each group advanced to the semifinals. In the match for the third place tackled the teams from Kowalewo and Wąbrzeźno. After penalty kicks the team from Wąbrzeźno won. In the final there played teams from Kowalewo and Gałczewo. After the great emotions Kowalewo won 2:0.

On 4th December we celebrated Santa Claus Day in our school. Santa Claus visited our students with the assistance of: an angel, a snowgirl, an elf and a snowman. There was a lot of surprise, joy and laughing. All students and employees received sweet gifts.

On 5th December we celebrated the International Volunteer Day. On this occasion we did special posters. We made them the most important features of volunteers. Remeber that volunteers work is selfless.

On 1st December we celebrated the World AIDS Day. On this occasion our school organized a meeting, on which were invited Iwona Malinowska (District Sanitary Inspector in Golub-Dobrzyń) and Helena Melerska (District Programme Coordinator). 2d grade students prepared for all our students a multimedia presentation on the subject. During the meeting, our colleagues gave us basic information about the disease pointing the main ways of infection, broking myths often distributed and showing how important is the treatment to combat the virus. Repeatedly they emphasized that the infection is not synonymous with AIDS. As a sign of solidarity with the sick, the students of Class 2d spruced up their clothes with red ribbons.

On 17th December students met the representatives from the foundation Rak’n’Roll. They spoke to students about cancer. This foundation lead the action Daj Włos which consists of we give our hair for wigs for the ill people.

On the occasion of Christmas we held a contest for the decoration of the door to the classrooms. Seeing the beautiful decorations we felt the magic of the holidays.

22th December we celebrated the Christmas Day at our school. That day everything had to do with Christmas. The day started just 3 lessons. After them, the premiere of the film “School alone”. The next item was a joint celebrations in the gym. At that time, they settled contests “Living symbol of Christmas” and “Maximum and minimum bear”. Later that day, all the classes went to their classrooms to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Olek and Janek