Last year, every second month our teachers gave us a black and white copy of a popular magazine for teenagers "Crown". Now it’s different. This year each of us has got one full issue of the magazine. This time it’s called "Team". Thanks to this idea, we can read all the articles and look at original photos.

Weronika Sadowska


On 26th September there was the European Day of Languages in our school. All students took part in the event. All day there were a lot of competitions. Our class competed with IF on the seventh lesson. We won! It was an interesting experience.

Kacper Zarembski

Hi everybody! It’s school year 2014/2015. Now we are 2e. In our class there are 18 students this year. Our English teachers are Arletta  Żuławska-Jastrzębska and Anna Górna.

Dominika Marciniak