On 29th January some students with teachers from our school went to Cinema City in Toruń. The choice of the film turned out to be very good. ‘Annie’ is a musical directed by Will Gluck. There are famous actors in the film, for example Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne and Jamie Fox. The main character is played by Qu‎venzhané Wallis. It’s a film about a girl who lives with her foster mother and at the same time is looking for her parents. She is very desperate and when she meets Will Stacks, mayoral candidate in New York, she hopes her life will finally change. ‘Annie’ is the film everybody must see. I think both younger and older people will enjoy it.

Jagoda Plewa

One of our lessons in January concentrated on dialogues about identifying and describing people. After listening to model conversations presented in the book, we did some exercises to practise new structures and vocabulary. Then, our teacher divided us into four groups. Each group was about to make up a scene and strike a pose. After that our teacher took photos of us and finally we wrote dialogues. Here is our work:

Karolina: Who are you looking at Oliwia?

Oliwia: Oh, hi Karolina. Who’s that boy over there? I think I’ve seen him before.

Karolina: Which one? The boy with a phone?

Oliwia: No, the boy with the black sweater. He’s talking to Martyna.

Karolina: Oh, that’s Kacper Zarembski. What about him?

Oliwia: Do you know him, then?

Karolina: Yes, he doesn’t go to our school, but he’s joined my basketball team. He started in May. Why?

Oliwia: He looks like someone famous. He’s got an interesting face. Is he a singer, a dancer or something?

Karolina: No, he isn’t Oliwia. He’s just a normal teenager.

Oliwia: Oh, that’s a pity. Never mind.