On Friday, 31st October, our class 2e got third prize in a Halloween school competition. We decorated our classroom with orange colour, ghosts, skeletons and other scary creatures. Halloween is a typical American holiday. It is a nice and happy day, but it is also very frightening.

Zuza Hejnowska


During our English lessons in October my friends and I read the first issue of our English magazine 'The Team'. It's a teenagers’ newspaper with many interesting articles on various topics. Each of us presented one chosen article. We talked about the army in the UK and Marin Luther King Jr. – the most famous Civil Rights Movement leader from the USA. My friend Patryk discussed the problem of little penguins who are cold and that is why they wear pullovers and the other Patryk from my group presented facts about Gareth Bale – a popular football player. Zuzia talked about teenagers, Julka gave presentation about fizzy drinks and Weronika presented some songs about ‘money’. Finally, Karolina introduced a new British pop star. 

Jagoda Fordońska


On Thursday 16th October, when we had two English lessons in a row, we saw 9 interesting videos about the earth and the environment. The films were titled ‘Changing World’. We learnt about the beginnings of the solar system, global warming and climate change. One episode described different types of wild weather. In the end it was presented how to save our planet. We enriched our vocabulary  with words about nature and ecology. This kind of lessons was really interesting, so everyone watched each of the videos carefully. After watching the videos we solved tasks. There was also a test.

Julia Sadowska