26th, 27th and 28th May were very special days for students in 2nd grades. It was the time of mock exams. We didn’t have regular lessons but we came to school later than usual just to write tests in Polish, History, Maths, Science and English. It wasn’t that easy. Some of us did really well but there are students who have to work hard. Anyway, at least we know what to expect next year.


On 11th May our school welcomed another student from AISEC. This time it was Llatif Zubair from Algeria. Similarly to the previous guest, he also talked about his country, its culture, history and religion. We met Llatif many times and it was a great chance to speak English. He was very open and helpful. These days were a bit crazy and very busy but we were happy.

Jagoda & Zuza

On 4th May during our English lesson we worked in groups and made up crazy competitions. It was a task taken from our course book. The purpose of the exercise was to plan a funny charity event. We were supposed to create the idea, the rules, the name and the way we collect money. We did our best to be very original. One group came up with the idea of catching sheep for points and money. The second competition was called ‘water event’. Everybody enjoyed the lesson.

Patryk & Patryk