On 27th April we watched another films created for the purposes of our project ‘IIe presents...’. This time the films concentrated on the topic of school. The first one was about protests at school and the other one presented various types of teachers and students. These films were incredibly amusing and memorable.

Ola & Julia

On 10th April, after the spring and Easter break we talked about ways of spending the holiday. Each of us presented his or her speech. We learnt a lot of specific vocabulary and we had a chance to listen to our friends talking about how they spend Easter at home. It was fun.

Jagoda & Zuza

From 30th March till 1st April we had our christian school retreat. Everyone went to school but there weren’t any lessons. We met at 9 o’clock in the gym and our guest, Priest Robert told us about God and the teaching of Jesus. Some of our students shared their real life stories and that was very touching. On Wednesday we had a mass. This year the time of school retreat was special and unusual. We would like to say thank you to Priest Robert for such interesting meetings.