It’s already June. We have got all our grades and the school year is about to end soon. We have already finished our English project ‘IIe presents...’ and he have written the final end of year test. During one of the last lessons our teacher also gave us a survey to fill in. It concerned the whole year and our suggestions for the next one.

Summer holidays are coming. We wish you hot and sunny days with friends and family. Enjoy your vacations to the fullest. You have worked so hard these days you really deserve it. Have a great time. See you in September.laughing


On Monday, 1st June we celebrated Children’s Day. It was a special time at our school. A lot of things happened. First we met with our form tutor to talk about the day. Then we went to watch a volleyball match. Our teachers  played with students. Teachers won. Later, some students took part in a first aid competition and some went to the swimming pool to watch the first school swimming championship. Our friend Jagoda Fordońska won. She was the best girl swimmer. Congratulations!!! After that everybody met at school to get a surprise. It was ice cream for each student at school. The last event of the day was a disco. The day at school was really great.