In March we welcomed a special guest from Indonesia- Harry Kurniawan. He is a student and a representative of a worldwide volunteer organisation called AISEC. We had lessons with him and two meetings after school. Harry was 5 days with us.

On the 20th of March we said goodbye to the winter and we welcomed the spring. Everybody observed the Eclipse of the Sun.  We were standing in front of the school building and were holding our hands to look out for the spring and some nice weather to come.

In the same month our friends Filip Cierniakowski became a laureate in English, Kornelia Kaszubowska and Jakub Ostrowski in biology, Klara Żurawska in German, Wawrzyniec Orłowski in history and Jerzy Polakiewicz in geography.

In March we had also “a night at school” with our friends from class 1B. We met at school at eight o’clock pm and we stayed until 6 o’clock in the morning. We had many funny moments, but also two sad accidents. Our friend Natalia has broken her hand and Klaudia had a bad finger injury. Nonetheless, we had a great time.