This issue was about: chocolate, superstar pets (for example Grumpy Cat), secrets of the famous tennis player Novak Djokovic, McDonald’s and London. The magazine was very interesting.

This month was a good one because there were many sunny days and it wasn’t hard at school. We’re looking forward to the next month.

On the third May we celebrated one of the most important holidays in Poland. In Warsaw our President had a speech about this day. Most people put up flags. Some people went to their families, other celebrated it at home or in Warsaw.

Llatif is a student who is a member of AIESEC.
He came to us on 11th May. He lives in Algieria.
Llatif told us about his country, geographical features, how people live there and about his religion. It was very interesting. He had many meetings with students. He also had an another meeting with pupils of English classes.


During 5 days Llatif met all classes in our school. Unfortunately, he had to leave us. We were sad but maybe in the future we will meet him again.