November 2014

On the 1st of November was All Saints Day. Everyone went to the cementary to visit their family’s graves. They lighted up some candles and prayed. In the evening the cementaries were beautiful.

On the 4th of November we had an intergation party in our school. We were wearing costumes like the characters from ,,Lord of Rings’’. We took part in some funny competitions. It was very exciting. Our class took the third place. Our reward was one day free from unannounced tests. The Class which scored the highest number of points was class 1b.

On the 11th of November was the Independence Day.  Ninety-six years ago Poland regained independence. In our school we listened  to a broadcast which was prepared by students from our school with the help of Mrs. Agnieszka Kilińska-Piotrkowska and Mr. Bartłomiej Lüdtke. Everybody liked our broadcast.