This year's retreat was on the 30th, 31st of March and the 1st of April.


* Is there someone who loves me

* Is there someone who forgives me

* Is there someone who gives me life



In April we got another newspaper. The magazine had a lot of interesing articles, but the most interesting was the article  about the film „HOME”. The article compares the popular singer Rihanna and the teenager Tip.  Tip’s appearance is modelled on the appearance of Rihanna. Although the outward appearance of their life is completely different.




The 21th, 22th and 23th of the April in our school students wrote their final exams.  The exams started at 9,00 o’clock and finished at 11,00 o’clock.

21th April : humanities exam;

22th April : science exam;

23th April : foreign language exam.




On the 15th of April we received the second book to read this year. The book has the title:  „DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE”. Its writer is Robert Louis Stevenson.  In my opinion the book was exciting, interesting and suprising.