On the 5th of December 2014 Santa Claus visited our school. He brought  chocolate for everyone. It was very delicious. Everyone had a red hat on. That day we also celebrated the "day of volunteers".

On  the 8th of December we were taught how employees in the mission of the non-governmental organization "Doctors without borders" work and live far away in Africa. Mr. Ariel, who is a volunteer and works in Africa, showed us a lot of photographs from his missionary travels. It was very interesting, constructive and thought-provoking to see how people struggle with poverty. He convinced  that helping other people would give us a lot of satisfaction and joy.


On the 19th of December was the festive of decorating gingerbreads in our school. All teachers and pupils could decorate and then ate the gingerbread.


On the day of the 19th of December everyone in our school could hear a radio broadcast. It was very interesting and funny. During it we learnt about twelve festive customs. Students of the "radio group" announced and challenged pupils with new interesting competitions. After the broadcast we celebrated our  Christmas Eve in the classroom.