4 the most important events of the school year 2014/2015


  1. On the 4th of November we had an integration party in our school. We were wearing costumes like the characters from ,,Lord of Rings’’. We took part in some funny competitions. It was very exciting. Our class took the third place.
  2. On the 8thof December we were taught how employees in the mission of the non-governmental organization "Doctors without borders" work and live far away in Africa. Mr. Ariel, who is a volunteer and works in Africa, showed us a lot of photographs from his missionary travels. It was very interesting, constructive and thought-provoking to see how people struggle with poverty. He convinced  that helping other people would give us a lot of satisfaction and joy.
  3. On the 16th of February was Valentine's Day. That day in our school students read dedications from lovers through the radio broadcasting during the lessons. Cards and cupcakes were delivered to the addressees. Unfortunately, the school disco did not take place, because many students and teachers were absent.
  4. In March we welcomed a special guest from Indonesia- Harry Kurniawan. He is a student and a representative of a worldwide volunteer organisation called AIESEC. On the 20th of March we said goodbye to the winter and we welcomed the spring. Everybody observed the Eclipse of the Sun.