In March during the English lesson we read articles from a teenage magazine called CROWN.

First we talked about footballers. They are two the most expensive footballers in the world- and now they play for the same team – Real Madrid. Their names are Cristiano Ronald and Gareth Bale. We had information about them that we compared.

Then we talked about Katy Perry! We learnt 10 new and very interesting things about her. For example: Katy is very unhealthy, because she can’t stop eating chicken McNuggets! When we became familiar with those curiosities we wrote 10 things that nobody knew about us. Then we read them to our friends in the classroom. It was very crazy and funny.


Martyna Zegarska

17th March was Saint Patrick’s Day in our school. On this day some students and teachers wore green clothes and they got little presents. They wore green clothes because this colour and also shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland.

First students from my class 1e gave small presents to each boy whose name was Patrick. That’s because of their name-day. During the longest break, about 12.10, we organised a competition for students. All willing people participated in various quizzes. Some student answered to questions about Ireland. Later everyone was invited to eat green cookies, candies and muffins or have some green drink.

Jagoda Fordońska