In the last May-June edition of ‘the Crown’ Magazine we focused on the subject of holidays. Practising usage of different forms of expressing the future we talked about our plans for holidays this year. In the first article a teenager from the UK wrote how he usually spends his summer break. We compared it to our holiday habits and everybody got excited to find out that holidays in Poland are two weeks longer than in the UK. Next, we did a quiz ‘How to survive in Britain?’ It occurred we knew quite a lot about English culture, customs, do’s and don’ts. For example, we know that in Britain cars move on the left side of the road, the weather is rather rainy and Britons drink tea with milk. At the end of the lesson, in groups of four, we prepared clues for foreigners coming to Poland. 

On 20th May in our school there was a school competition "Jamaica, Land We Love" The competition was attended by 14 four-person teams . Players had to take part in tough four competitions checking knowledge from disciplines such as : geography, history, music, language and culture. Each group had to prepare a project called ‘My vision of Jamaica’. Some students made posters, one group sang a song and one team presented a short music video. The winner was our class Ie. Congratulations to all participants! It was great fun and a chance to learn new facts about an English speaking country.

 Weronika Kotowska


My class 1E with our teachers slept at school for the second time this year. It was Friday 16th May. First everyone went to school.  We met at 8 pm. At nine o'clock we ordered pizza. In the meantime we played volleyball, handball and basketball. We ate pizza and then we played games prepared by groups of students from my class. Finally, everyone watched a film called "Presence". After the film we went home. It was a busy night spent with great people.

Julia Sadowska


Our well-known native speaker Glenn Standish came to Kowalewo again on 13th May. This time he taught us about types of films and typical vocabulary connected with cinema and movies. We had a chance to listen to famous movie soundtracks and match them with film titles. We also learnt how to call people and objects at the cinema. We talked about latest movies that impressed us and everyone agreed we wanted a cinema in Kowalewo. As usual Glenn prepared a lot of amusing games so we had lots of fun.

Patryk Sutkowski