On 27th November during the English lesson we read articles from a teenage magazine called CROWN. 
First, we talked about the Royal Baby who sleeps, cries and drinks milk the same as other babies, but his life is and will probably be very different. He is the son of Prince William, the grandson of Prince Charles and the great-grandson of the Queen Elizabeth II.
We also read about a football star David Beckham, his private life and his carrier. It is amazing that he started his football carrier when he was seven. 
During the lesson our teacher asked us about the famous people, we looked for answers and shared our opinions. It was fun.

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I and my class 1E slept in school .It was Friday and Saturday night.First everyone went to school. At nine o'clock we made bonfier and fried sausages.
Then we unpacked our equipment and wore sport outfit. After that we played basketball and volleyball. There weren't any problems. Finally, everyone watched a film - a dark comedy.
After the film we went home. It was a very great night.

On 31st October we enjoyed Halloween. At our English lesson we made two Jack-o'-lanterns. It was very funny because we didn't have any spoons and we had to do it with our hands. The biggest pumpkin was the wedding groom and the smaller one was the wedding bride. Our Jack-o'-lanterns were great.

We remeber the fest for the first grade students. It was on 5th November on Tuesday. It was a very nice day.

First, all classes presented their costumes. Later we played many games (for example quickly drinking milk, dance competition). Later all classes presEnted their class (for example by singing the song , dancing, telling a poem). Then, we acted  a scene from a film. All classes presented five films: "Pirates of Carribean", "Matrix", "Twilight"," Asterix & Obelix" and we presented "Harry Potter". We won the whole competition, we were great. At the end we had an exciting disco.
It was a memorable day, we will remember it very long.

“Little Women”

lektura 1On Tuesday 5th November during the English lesson we talked about a book titled "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott. It is a story about four sisters, their parents, neighbours and friends at Christmas time.
First we talked about the characters of the novel. Then we discussed some facts and events in the story. Next, in groups, we acted some scenes from the book. We felt like actors in a theatre. It was a great fun for us and for the teachers.
To sum up the lesson, we wrote a short test with some questions about the story. We had to answer the questions in detail. It was hard work!