On Wednesday18 June 2014 Glenn Standish was in Kowalewo. We talked about irregular verbs. We watched film Bernard Bear Learning to Fly and solved crossword puzzle for irregular verbs. We were in teams:  Cats, Angry Beards Lions and Alpaccas.It was our last meeting  this year. The lesson was very useful because we have got present perfect tense and we use irregular verbs at our lessons. We love lessons with Glen and we are going to invite him  next year.

Jurek Polakiewicz

On Tuesday, 10th June students in our class presented their interpretation of a famous grammar chant ‘Have you ever...?’. It’s a verse practising questions and statements in the Present Perfect Tense. It rhymes well so students find it quite easy to learn by heart. Some students did amazing shows including presentation with fabulous photographs, beautiful drawings and lots of necessary equipment. It was really nice to hear and watch them in action. Congratulations!!!

Thursday 5th June, Friday 6th June and Tuesday 9th June were the days of visiting primary schools. Students from English class IE together with teachers visited local primary schools in Pluskowęsy, Wielkie Rychnowo, Wielka Łąka and Kowalewo Pomorskie. We were there in order to promote our English class. We tried to persuade students from the 6th grade to join the same English class next school year in September. We prepared a presentation which showed the main attractions in our class and also leaflets for students and their parents to read about various activities we offer.

Patryk Sutkowski